About Me

My real estate career and has been a variety of cities, excitement, and adventures. It started in the early 2000s when I was pursuing a singing career. I was signed by a record label and manager, who moved me to Los Angeles from Atlanta.  I was living my dream of singing, writing music, and recording. I had also been in the business world also since I was in high school and had the itch to resume the business of some sort.  I had a lot of friends in real estate in Los Angeles and they loved it.  I loved the architecture and bright lights of the big city.  I decided to pursue that, alongside my entertainment career and it proved to be a success for me.  I joined Sotheby's on Sunset Blvd. and soon found myself with multi-million-dollar listings and selling houses to celebrities from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu. I was able to work with international investors and put together development deals.  I learned a wealth of knowledge about real estate in my time there.  My mom became ill and I moved back to Atlanta to care for her.

I have worked in the Atlanta real estate market since 2008 and have enjoyed a steady career while being able to be close to my family and thankfully, seeing my mother restore her health.  I decided in 2018 to join a luxury real estate brokerage that had international shops in every major country in the World.  The marketing of Engle & Volkers is unparalleled and I knew I had to join this unique, luxury company.  It has been nothing but an amazing experience.

In October of 2018, my beach house in the Panhandle of Florida was hit by Hurricane Michael and I came down to start the process of rebuilding.  Never would I imagine 8 months later, I would have barely scratched the surface of that rebuild.  I decided a few months after the storm to just pack up and make Florida my home.  Loving the Engle & Volker brand, it only made sense to join the local shop on 30A.

I have enjoyed doing real estate in GA and Fl, helping people rebuild in Fl and realizing their dream of homeownership again and being able to have another stream of income through rental properties and in Atlanta with primary homebuyers and investors.  Whatever your needs are, I have you covered.

Please reach out and I will make myself available to work hard to meet all of your needs toward homeownership.  

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